Blue Wheat: A Harvest of American Folk Songs / Dale Warland Singers


Once again, breathtaking arrangements and impeccable production combine in this latest release from the Dale Warland Singers. Quintessentially American music, much of it newly arranged, comes alive on Blue Wheat under the direction of Dale Warland.


  1. Oh, Shenandoah (Traditional) Arr.: Alf S. Houkom
  2. He’s Goin’ Away (Traditional) Arr.: Gail Kubik
  3. Skip to My Lou (Traditional) Arr.: Edwin Fissinger
  4. Steal Away (Spiritual) Arr.: Carol Barnett
  5. Wayfarin’ Stranger (Traditional) Arr.: Gilbert M. Martin
  6. Soldier, Soldier Won’t Your Marry Me? (Traditional) Arr.: Robert De Cormier
  7. Pretty Saro (Traditional) Arr.: Mark Keller
  8. Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier (Traditional) Arr.: Robert De Cormier
  9. Black is the Color (Traditional) Arr.: Norman Luboff
  10. Red River Valley (Traditional) Arr.: Carol Barnett
  11. Nelly Bly (Stephen Foster) Arr.: Roger Wagner
  12. My Lord, What a Mornin’ (Spiritual) Arr.: Harry T. Burleigh
  13. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Stephen Foster) Arr.: Gail Kubik
  14. Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Foster) Arr.: Mark Keller
  15. Single Girl (Traditional) Arr.: Stephen Paulus
  16. Deep River (Spiritual) Arr.: Carol Barnett
  17. Buffalo Gals (Cool White [John Hodges]) Arr.: Alice Parker
  18. The Water is Wide (Traditional) Arr.: Stephen Paulus
  19. Black Sheep (African-American lullaby) Arr.: John Rutter 11.98